We can’t say thank you enough! Two weeks ago, we told you about a terrifying situation. We were assisting a partner with a transport of dogs going to multiple shelters, including ours. On that transport, the dogs were exposed to a highly contagious and highly deadly virus. We knew this would be a long road to recovery and would stretch us past what we could do with our current resources. So we reached out to you, a community who loves animals, and you stepped up BIG TIME!

Thank you to the volunteers who sat with the animals who couldn’t leave quarantine, providing them comfort in a terrifying time. Thank you to the fosters who took healthy animals into their homes to keep them from getting sick, and thank you to everyone who donated so we could provide critical lifesaving medical care. 

We are thrilled to report everyone is now healthy and has completed their quarantine period! This only happened because of your support and the hard work of our staff. We want to introduce you to a few of the dogs you helped who will forever be grateful to the strangers who showed them kindness… 

Their lives are forever changed because of you. Because of your support, they will go on to live full, happy, healthy lives. They will get to know the love of a family — a gift so beautiful it can’t be put into words. So we will just say, thank you, thank you, thank you

Together we save lives.