Hundreds of cats and dogs are living their best lives this summer thanks to you! Because of your support, these Brother Wolf alumni are lounging in the sun, accompanying their new family on summer vacations, playing with their new pup and kitty roomies, chasing butterflies, swimming in the creek, and even getting special summer sweet treats. They have love, joy and companionship in their lives. They are happy and safe. And it’s all thanks to supporters like you. Thank you for filling their lives with SUNSHINE!

When Poppa was at Brother Wolf, he quickly became a staff favorite! He was always ready to go for a hike or be in doggy playgroups each day (sometimes multiple times a day!). Being such a young, energetic and bouncy hound, it was a struggle for Poppa to find a family. He was at our adoption center and in foster homes for six months before the right fit came along. Luckily the best family for him fell in love with his goofy, loving nature and brought him home! They report that he has been settling in more and more each month and enjoys his days at doggy daycare and at home in the sun chasing squirrels. But perhaps more than anything, he loves a peanut butter Kong and a good cuddle. We are so happy for Poppa and his new wonderful life!

Oreo came to Brother Wolf from one of our incredible shelter partners. Each week we bring cats and dogs in from overburdened shelters to find them homes. Oreos family renamed her Dahlia and reports that she is quite the diva! She quickly adjusted to her new home and now rules the roost! In typical cat fashion, she lets her family know when she wants attention and when she doesn’t! She loves to eat and wants her food bowl full at all times. She likes to lay on her back in the middle of the floor, and she has the sweetest, squeaky meow. We are so thankful she fit into her new family so easily. 


This is a beautiful update that shows the power of love! Blind dog Serenity came to Brother Wolf after being dumped on a remote trail. She had suffered some horrific abuse and head trauma (so bad that we won’t go into the details). This beautiful dog had never experienced love, she didn’t know people could be kind, and she was so terrified she lightly shook for the first few days. She didn’t know her life would be changing for the better very soon. She was adopted into a home that’s filled with love, treats, walks, and patience. They provided her with a routine she can predict, which is exactly what this nervous girl needed. Serenity is now thriving and is living the dream life! It’s the happy ever after we dream of for each and every animal, and we are so grateful to her beautiful family for loving her how she deserves.