Working Cat Placement


Have a barn, stable, warehouse, or other shelter you need protected from pests? Or would you love to help a cat in need but can’t bring them inside? Hire a Working Cat!

“We love having a pair of working cats at our brewery! They keep pests out of the grain in our warehouse, and guests love watching their antics.”

“Our adopted barn cats have been the perfect addition to our little farm family. They even come running when they hear me calling for dinner!” 

“I used to have a rodent problem in my garage, until I adopted working cats. Mittens and Scruffy are always hunting… except when it’s time for naps in the sun.”

There is no adoption fee for working cats! All our healthy, spayed/neutered, feral or semi-social cats ask for in return for their service is simply a safe and cozy space to sleep, daily food and water, and vet care when needed.

When you hire a working cat, you save two lives: the life of the cat you are adopting, and the life of the semi-social cat we are able to rescue next.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a suitable space for a working cat?

Working cats need regular outdoor access, as well as an indoor shelter from the elements and predation. Appropriate setups include barns, stables, warehouses, garages, sheds, and more. 

Do I need to provide food for my working cats?

Yes! Cats cannot live on mousing alone and will leave the area if they are not regularly provided with enough food and water. Dry or wet food is appropriate.

What if I only want one working cat?

Our working cats can only be adopted out in pairs, or sometimes trios. Cats are social creatures, and even if they don’t want human contact, they need feline companionship to thrive.

Are they friendly? Can I pet my working cats?

Our working cats are feral or semi-social. They are unlikely to ever seek out or enjoy human interaction, and will be happiest being left to do what they do best – wrangle rodents! If you are looking for a friendly indoor/outdoor cat to adopt as a pet, click here.