Because you care, Icy is now living his best life.

The second Icy’s mom first laid eyes on him, she knew they were meant to be together. Even though she’d never had a dog of her own, she had always dreamed of one, and she knew in her heart they belonged together. The fact that Icy was deaf didn’t change her decision to adopt. It actually made her feel closer to Icy — they needed each other. 

Four months later, we got this message: “I just wanted to update y’all because ever since Icy came into my life, he’s been that piece I’ve always been looking for to complete my heart.” She enclosed this photo of Icy with his new rain jacket on, which she said made everyone in the neighborhood smile with delight.

Thanks to your support, Icy has a wonderful life and a best friend to share it with. During this season of gratitude, we’re grateful for you…and we know Icy and his family are too. Thank you for caring about animals and for making a difference in their lives, forever.