Kind people first found little Atreyu abandoned on the side of the road in a crate. He was shaking uncontrollably after being left alone in the cold. His tiny body was covered with dirt and debris, and though he was clearly terrified, his brown eyes begged for help.

I will help Atreyu!

At just three months old, we knew that Atreyu had experienced horrors no animal should ever have to face. His legs were stained and scalded from sitting in his own urine, and he could hardly walk straight due to malnourishment.

Atreyu was likely kept locked away in this crate, which was far too small for a growing puppy. Our hearts shattered as we realized this sweet boy had likely never been given the chance to run free in the grass and feel fresh air rushing through his fur.

Because of your dedication to helping neglected animals within our community, dogs like Atreyu have found safety at Brother Wolf this year. Here, thanks to your support, they have found the strength and courage to continue fighting through any challenge.

Though his growth is slow, Atreyu is making progress towards learning what it means to have care, security and kindness in his life… But our work is never finished.

Double my Donation Now!

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