Edie is an accomplished climber. When her family takes her on trips, Edie jumps joyfully from one piece of furniture to the other, hopping her way around the hotel room. Despite her small stature, she’s been known to get caught red-handed while sneaking leftovers off the tall stove!

If not for caring individuals like you, Edie would have never discovered the joy of an adoptive home. Without your donations, she would still be climbing for survival rather than happiness.

You see, Edie was born into a hoarding situation. She and nineteen other dogs were kept in a small space and were hardly ever let outside. The conditions were appalling. It was a life no dog should ever have to experience. This is where Edie became a skilled climber. 

Climbing and jumping allowed Edie to escape the filth that was piling up on the ground — the dog waste that made her little paws burn and irritated her tender skin. No one ever took Edie on a walk or bought her a toy. All she knew was how it felt to be trapped in a small, dirty space. Her only motivation in life was survival, not joy.

When you support Brother Wolf, you enable us to assist with emergency rescue situations — to save animals from suffering and find them the loving homes they deserve. Thanks to support from friends like you, Edie came to Brother Wolf, where her life turned around! Please send in a gift today so that we can help animals who are still waiting on us.

Twenty dogs from Edie’s hoarding situation were rescued and sent to rescue groups in Western NC. Seven of them came to Brother Wolf, including Edie. Out of all of the dogs, Edie was in the worst shape; her feet were torn up, she was missing a lot of fur all over her body, and her skin and paws were in pain.

At Brother Wolf, Edie learned that people can be full of love and kindness and they often carry these delicious little bites of food called “treats” in their pockets! Our team went to work right away to heal Edie’s wounds and show her how good life can be. She got gentle, medicated baths and antibiotics for her skin, as well as treatment to relieve her of heartworms.

The other dogs quickly found wonderful adoptive homes, but Edie wasn’t what you would call “classically cute” and she kept getting overlooked. So we had a special photoshoot with Edie and told the public what she had overcome. Soon, the perfect adopter came along.

You gave Edie a second chance. You gave her a life full of joy — from hoarding to home!

Edie now accompanies her new mom to work every day. She has tons of chances to run, play, and climb. And now she climbs for fun, not survival. Her hair has grown thicker in some places but she’s still a bit bald – scars remaining from a time in her life that she’s hopefully long forgotten. 

What a difference you made in Edie’s life. What a transformation! 

Tough cases like Edie’s remind us why we’re here … and how committed we are to our life-saving efforts. But none of it is possible without your support. Brother Wolf relies entirely on the generosity of individuals like you. Please send in your donation today so that we can continue to help the most vulnerable animals.

Your gift makes transformations like Edie’s possible for thousands of animals each year who come to Brother Wolf looking for a second chance. Through emergency rescue and adoption as well as solution-driven programs like our mobile spay and neuter clinic, northern transport, and community cats, Brother Wolf will impact over 9,000 animals this year. Your donations make that lifesaving work possible.

There are many pets who continue to hope for their own lifesaving second chance. Please visit our donation page to help them. Together, we can ensure that these animals get the opportunity to receive the love they deserve.

During this season of gratitude, I’m grateful for you…and I know Edie is too. Thank you for caring about animals and making a difference in their lives.