Giving Through Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund can be established with a variety of Community Foundations and financial institutions throughout the United States. These funds typically have a minimum deposit requirement when first opened. Establishing a Donor Advised Fund enables the donor to receive an immediate income-tax deduction and then distribute gifts from the fund right away or over time. It’s like a charitable savings account: the donor contributes to the fund as frequently as they like and then recommends gifts to their chosen charities when ready.

Once you have established a Donor Advised Fund, simply ask the financial institution to designate a gift to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Below is helpful information you may need in this transaction. As always, we recommend that you consult your tax or financial professional for advice.

Legal name: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Federal tax identification number: 20-8787719

Secure mailing address: PO Box 8195 Asheville, NC 28814

Physical address: 31 Glendale Ave Asheville, NC 28803

You can also create a lasting legacy by naming Brother Wolf Animal Rescue as the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund. With a percentage, you can create a family legacy of giving by naming your loved ones as your successor to continue recommending gifts to charitable organizations.

When you make a gift to Brother Wolf through a Donor Advised Fund, we often do not receive any information that identifies you as the donor. To ensure that you receive a proper acknowledgement for your gift, please let us know that you’ve initiated a gift of this type by emailing us at or calling 828-505-3440 x105 and letting us know the financial institution that will be issuing the check and the contribution amount. Thank you!