Only two days remain until 2024 arrives and our year-end donation match comes to an end. We still have $15,500 to go before reaching our goal of $100,000 in matched funds, and we’re counting on you to help! Please send in your tax deductible donation before time is up.

Dogs like Sour Patch Kid and Nerds are depending on your support to make it through their darkest days…

When we first met these tiny, timid dogs, we knew they had seen the worst of people far too many times. Sour Patch Kid was suffering from a terrible case of mange that left her skin dry, flaky, and exposed to the harsh cold. Nerds had hair loss from matted fur and chronic skin issues. One look into these dogs’ eyes made one thing clear: Pain and discomfort ruled every aspect of their lives.

Sour Patch Kid and Nerds came to Brother Wolf from an underfunded and overcrowded shelter where they can’t afford costly medical treatment for their animals. Many of our partner shelters face the difficult decision of euthanizing animals with medical conditions they cannot afford to treat.

Brother Wolf is able to take animals into our care who suffer from terrible but treatable health conditions like mange and heartworms. We have over 40 partner shelters whose animals we help thanks to supporters like you! Animals who may not have made it if help did not arrive.

Your kind and generous spirit makes Brother Wolf’s daily work for animals like Sour Patch Kid and Nerds a possibility! Please send in your tax deductible donation NOW to show other animals in our community that hope, love, and compassion will always be on their side.

Wishing you and yours a very happy new year! Together, we save lives.