Cryptocurrency Donations

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue accepts donations of cryptocurrency through a trusted, third-party platform: Donations of cryptocurrency can maximize tax benefits for the donor by potentially avoiding paying tax on capital gains. 

Crypto & Donor Advised Funds: You can also choose to create your own Donor Advised Fund to donate cryptocurrency to nonprofit organizations through Once established, you will be able to make charitable contributions from your fund. Establishing a Donor Advised Fund enables the donor to receive an immediate income-tax deduction and then distribute gifts from the fund right away or over time.

Your non-refundable donation of cryptocurrency to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue will be put to work right away helping animals in need. As always, we recommend that you consult your tax or financial professional for advice.To ensure that you receive a proper acknowledgement for your gift, please let us know that you’ve initiated a gift of this type by emailing us at or calling 828-505-3440 x105. Thank you!