Dear friend,

My name is Leah Craig Fieser and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to serve the animals in our community through my new
role as Brother Wolf’s Executive Director. When I began my job in February, I made a promise to you: that I would lead with transparency and accountability.

Brother Wolf was built on the basis that all animal lovers were welcome, and that we were all an integral part of the lifesaving work we were accomplishing together. I am committed to rebuilding that partnership.

I know that you haven’t heard much about Brother Wolf’s financial state over the years, but that will change – starting today. Today I need you to know what Brother Wolf is facing and why we desperately need your help. Some of this information may surprise you, or perhaps you have felt it in your gut already. Either way, as a valued supporter, you deserve to know the truth.

Today I’m asking you to rebuild with me, and to help the animals who desperately need us by making your most generous donation.

Over the last few years, Brother Wolf has slipped into financial trouble, taking on too much too quickly, without sufficient foresight. Well intentioned programming directed at farmed animal advocacy and planning a large sanctuary location ultimately hurt the financial stability of the organization and caused us to lose many supporters. Polarizing vegan messaging also made many supporters feel as though they were no longer welcomed and valued.

Although all of the funds raised for the sanctuary were spent on project expenses such as permitting, design, farmed animal care, and building fabrication, those who donated towards the project were understandably upset when no tangible progress was made. We do have the components of one of the sanctuary buildings in storage, and we’re looking into creative ways to use it to best serve dogs and cats with medical and behavioral challenges.

I understand your feelings and concerns; they are valid. It’s important to us that we regain your trust. Brother Wolf only works when we are all in this together for the animals. And right now, the animals need your help. Your donation today will provide safe, loving futures for them.

Difficult times mean difficult decisions are being made. The hard truth is that we’re facing a large financial challenge in the year ahead. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that we will be selling the sanctuary property located in Leicester in order to reduce our funding gap to about $350,000. This has been a very difficult decision to make. But in order to continue our impactful programing and regain financial stability, selling the land in Leicester is necessary during this critical time.

Our bustling Adoption Center on Glendale Avenue in Asheville will remain the hub of our lifesaving programs and services, and we will be working towards making improvements to that facility in order to best serve our mission.

We’re proud to say our impact for the animals is substantial, and our work is crucial in western North Carolina. In our state, 66,000 healthy and adoptable animals are still dying in shelters each year. With your support, we can be even more impactful and continue to build No-Kill communities throughout our region.

Animals like Hope are counting on us. After being found in a trash bag and covered in chemical burns at just two months old, she’s on the road to recovery. She was so scared when we met her, but now she’s a happy and playful puppy with a great life ahead of her. Together we saved her; together we will save thousands more!

Each decision we make moving forward will be focused on strengthening our mission to best serve the companion animals who still desperately need us. We’re going back to our roots and we need you to be a part of it by renewing your support of our lifesaving work.

This is a turning point for Brother Wolf, and we cannot do this alone. We cannot do this without YOU. It won’t be easy, but this critical work must continue because the animals desperately need us.

I’m asking you to think about the largest gift you’ve ever given to help the animals and to consider giving that or more at this critical time. We have hard work ahead of us, but we can get back on track with you by our side.

On behalf of every dog and cat whose life was forever changed because of rescue, and on behalf of every animal who learned the meaning of family because of supporters like you, I’m asking you to rebuild with me. THANK YOU for always being there for the animals and for supporting the programs that have helped build and sustain the No-Kill communities they deserve.

I know Brother Wolf can and will get back to a place where we are stable and thriving, but your support today is urgently needed. Together, we will save lives.

Please make your most generous donation today. The animals are counting on you. Thank you.



Leah Craig Fieser
Executive Director
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue


P.S. I’m asking you to give me a chance. Things are changing but change takes time and, simply put, time is running out. I have the people, I have the programs, but your donation is critical to keeping our lifesaving efforts viable for the animals who need us the most. We can do this together! Make your most generous donation today – it is urgently needed.