Imagine you are a loyal and loving dog. You get in the car with your person and are excited to see what adventure you’re about to go on. Then something confusing happens: your person stops on the interstate, takes you out of the car, and drives away, leaving you alone. You are scared and confused — running after the car in a panic. 

Sadly, that was a reality Florence lived through just a few weeks ago. A good samaritan witnessed the whole thing and knew they couldn’t just leave her running in the road, so he brought her to Brother Wolf. 

We were able to help Florence without hesitation because of supporters like you. Now she is safe and cared for. And this week Florence is going home with an adoptive family that won’t ever make her feel abandoned again. Florence has found her happy ever after. 

You’ve probably seen the devastating effects the massive flooding caused our friends in Haywood County in Western NC. When our shelter partner there reached out for help, we responded right away and took in animals they needed help with most: cats and kittens. Kittens like Scallop and Whelk are now safe, dry, and warm in a loving foster home. Every week Brother Wolf visits overcrowded shelters and takes in animals who need a place to call home. It’s your support that makes this possible. Thank you for helping these victims of the flooding when they needed it most.

Thank you for joining us in this work. We couldn’t do it without you. Together we save lives.