Each week at Brother Wolf, countless calls, emails, and messages flood in from individuals and nearby shelters facing the most heartbreaking circumstances… when we heard about Brenda and her litter of eight newborn puppies, we knew that we had to do everything in our power to help.

Brenda and her pups had been abandoned at an overcrowded and under-resourced shelter. At barely a year old, Brenda was caring for her tiny babies as best as she could, but the situation was dire. Brenda’s puppies were dying, and if any of them were going to survive, they needed a safe place to call home right away.

Help save animals now!
With thousands of other animals just like Brenda still searching for the safety and security they deserve, your generous support is urgently needed at this critical time.

You are the driving force behind our ability to provide suffering animals in our community with urgent medical attention, nutritious food, warm shelter, and love.

I want to help homeless animals!
For Crumpet, a beautiful orange cat who had tragically been shot in the leg for merely existing, your support has given a well-deserved second chance. Sadly, Crumpet had limped along for weeks with a shattered bone and a painful bullet lodged in his leg before reaching the caring arms of Brother Wolf staff.
Right now, animals are arriving at Brother Wolf from all kinds of desperate situations. It’s only thanks to caring and generous supporters like you that we’re able to turn their lives around and provide them with the care and attention they need.

All of us at Brother Wolf, both two- and four-legged, are so appreciative for your lifesaving partnership! Can we count on your help again today? Please rush your gift now to bring peace and love to the animals who need it most!

P.S. So many animals will turn to Brother Wolf for help this month, please send in your gift today so that together we can save them, thank you.