Volunteer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

How do I become a volunteer at Brother Wolf?

If you are at least 18 years old and want to help on a regular basis, you will need to complete a volunteer application, sign our safety waiver, watch the orientation video, and take the quiz. If you are under 18, you are welcome to volunteer with a parent or guardian. All family members who plan to volunteer should follow the steps previously mentioned (we need separate volunteer profiles for each volunteer, including children).

Our volunteer management software, Digital Cheetah, makes it easy to sign up! By following this link, you will be guided to an application, then to our safety waiver, then to the video and quiz. Once you complete the video and quiz, please allow two business days for the Volunteer Manager to activate your account. You will receive an email upon activation.

Can I just come by to walk dogs?

Only BWAR volunteers who have completed the application process and any required classes are allowed to walk our shelter dogs.

My child is under 18 years old, can they come with me while I volunteer?

We would love to have your family volunteer together! We see the positive impact on children when they witness your example and volunteer side-by-side the adults in their life. Children of at least 5 years old may volunteer under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. All family members who plan to volunteer should complete our volunteer application process here. You can email for more information about family-friendly volunteer activities at BWAR.

We also have some great ideas for teaching your child about volunteerism and animal care in your home. Many young teens enjoy planning and leading an animal toy fundraiser in their community. We can also offer guidance around DIY projects that would benefit our animals, such as building dog houses and cat shelters, making blankets, baking homemade dog treats, and more. Fostering is one of the best hands-on experiences your child can have that will teach them about animal care. If you’re interested in fostering, you can complete a foster application or email for more information. For a list of ideas about volunteering from home, contact volunteer@bwar.

I am in high school and need volunteer hours and/or a mentor for a school project. Can I volunteer?

You are welcome to complete your required service hours for school at Brother Wolf by signing up through our regular volunteer process. If you need paperwork signed and hours signed off on by the Volunteer Manager, she is available by appointment only. Email to set up an appointment.

Our staff are very busy helping our animals day-to-day, which doesn’t leave us with time to be an involved mentor for students. Here is what we can provide: the Volunteer Manager can meet by appointment with students to sign off on paperwork, Adoption Center staff are available during students’ volunteer service to answer questions and provide guidance, and sometimes interviews with relevant staff can be arranged.  

If a student under 18 is unable to have a parent accompany them for their volunteer service, they might consider an offsite service project, such as a pet food drive to benefit BWAR. For more information about offsite opportunities, you can email

How can my group schedule a service day?

We would love to have your group volunteer with us! Please read through the following details to learn more about how to bring your volunteer group to BWAR.

We welcome groups to volunteer with us on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Service dates must be pre-approved by the Volunteer Manager. Because of safety concerns for both people and pets, group volunteering is limited to groups of ten people. If there are minors in your group, we require a ratio of one adult to four minors. We are also limited on the number of un-oriented groups that can be on-site each month. If you are seeking a one-time group volunteering opportunity, please complete the Group Request Form. If you are hoping to volunteer on a regular basis, please send your group’s information (ie: number of members, age of members, a couple different time/day options, etc.) to

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue depends on the generosity of our community. We encourage groups to set up a fundraising drive in place of a service day, as we are always in need of funds to run our operations and are limited in our capacity to host groups. We have many fundraising options and would love to help you find one your group can be passionate about. Please contact to learn more about our fundraising options.

Are there any ongoing requirements for volunteers?

We ask that all volunteers commit to at least two shifts or four hours per month of service. Depending on which volunteer team(s) you want to join, additional classes or trainings may be required. All of the required classes and resources are free to BWAR volunteers.

After I sign up to volunteer, how can I pick up my name badge?

Name badges are created every Wednesday afternoon and can be picked up after this time at our Re-Tail store. For example, if you complete your application process on a Thursday, your badge will be ready the following Wednesday.

If you wait three or more months after your volunteer account is activated to pick-up your name badge, it may have been removed from the Re-Tail box to make space. No badges are ever thrown away, so just email to have your badge put back in the box in Re-Tail.

If you have lost your name badge or need a new one for any reason, just email to have a new badge made by the following Wednesday.

How do I sign up for court-ordered community service?

If you have been assigned to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue for any type of court ordered community service or the Diversion Program, we would be glad to help. Please read the rules carefully, and contact the Community Service Manager at to sign-up. Do not fill out a regular BWAR volunteer application; your hours will not be counted.