Outward Hounds Hiking Club


Thank you for your interest in our Outward Hounds Hiking Club. It’s a great way for the dogs in our care to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the BWAR adoption center, and get the necessary exercise to help them stay physically and mentally fit. Their well-being is important to us, and we hope that you can take the time to explore with us the forests and parks in our area, and give a dog this much needed time out and about!

hikeHow Does The Outward Hounds Hiking Club Benefit the BWAR Dogs?

• BWAR dogs learn to walk with different people and different dogs – building their socialization skills with both people and dogs
• BWAR dogs become accustomed to riding in a car (and getting to go on a hike can be positive reinforcement for this experience)
• Hikes give volunteers lots of opportunities to teach BWAR dogs “Trail Manners” (how to be behave) when on leash, meeting other dogs, runners, cyclists, etc. on the trail.
• The Outward Hounds hikes are a great form of exercise, especially for the higher energy dogs.
• The BWAR dogs learn to adapt to different environments / experiences since the hike locations vary.
• The Outward Hounds hikes give the BWAR dogs visibility outside of the shelter (someone passed on the trail may be or know of a potential adopter
• Going “off-site” can give BWAR dogs a break from the high level of stimulation typical in the shelter environment.


• Outward Hounds (OH) Hikes begin at 9:00 am from Memorial Day Through Labor Day and at 10:00 am
for the other months of the year. There is a hike every WednesdayThursday and Sunday. (When hikes begin at 9am, they typically conclude by 12:00 and hikes that begin at 10:00 typically conclude by
• Hikes are 3-5 miles in length, (some hikes may be a little shorter or longer). Regular hikes are easy to moderate. Hiking trail locations include Blue Ridge Parkway, Montreat College/Black Mountain, NC Arboretum, Warren Wilson College, Biltmore Estate (the third Wednesday of each month)
• Hikers must have completed the BWAR orientation and then sign up on VICNET in advance of each
hike. The front desk will “check off” hikers from the sign up list as they arrive for the hike.
• Upon arrival at the Adoption Center, hike leaders and/or staff will assist hikers with dog selection and harnessing. Carpooling on the hikes is encouraged but may be limited based on type/size of the dog so hikers should be prepared to drive his/her own car.
• Two or more dogs cannot ride loose in one car. (ie, if 2 dogs ride in the same car, one or both must be
• Hike leaders will provide water for the dogs but hikers are also welcome to bring water and treats for his/her dog. Hike leaders will provide written directions to each hiking trail. (Hikers should bring whatever personal items are needed – ie, water, raincoat, etc.)
• Hiking group size is limited to 15 hikers (plus hike leaders).
• For the safety of BWAR dogs and our volunteers, children under 16 are not allowed on the hikes. (There may be dogs on the hike that are not comfortable/nervous with children) Children between 16 and 18 years old may attend, but must be accompanied by an adult.
• Be cautious of leaving your vehicle in front of a dumpster, or loading dock for an extended period of time. (this does not include while Loading/ Unloading your canine partner for the day)

• Feel free to join one of the hikes, but before you go, please complete a volunteer application at, and sign up for an orientation (must attend orientation within two months of your first hike).

• Visit the Club’s Facebook page here for more information. We ask that you please leave your own pets at home as you give a fabulous adoptable dog a day to remember!

Questions should be directed to the Brother Wolf Volunteer Coordinator.