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sick-beagleThe mission of the Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary is to provide the highest standard of medical support for the dogs, cats and other animals in our care. This state of the art facility will fulfill our typical medical, surgical, and radiology needs as well as routine lab work and ongoing dental and outpatient care.

At any given time, we have over 500-600 animals in our care, at our adoption facilities and across our Foster Network. Ongoing, about half the animals we rescue are suffering from chronic or acute health issues, often requiring extensive medical care. Our medical costs alone typically range from $40K to $60K per month. Brother Wolf receives no government funding for our rescue work, and meeting these ongoing medical costs is a major challenge to our No Kill mission.

We currently outsource most all our medical and surgical needs to local veterinarians. By bringing these services in-house, with our own veterinarian and medical staff, we will be able to expand our on-site veterinary support and still save about $20K to $30K per month in retail medical costs!sick-kittens

In addition, due to the high volume of animals we have in our care on any given day it is common that our animals have to wait longer than we like to get them into a vet’s office to receive care. With our new clinic our staff will be able to handle the workload and our animals will receive care in a timely, efficient manner.

We are now raising funds and building partnerships to complete the Sanctuary construction. You can donate now to become a Founding Donor to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary and help build this amazing resource of healing and humane education.

Or if you would like information about memorial donations and special naming opportunities to support construction of our new Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic, please email