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The Cats Village will serve the various cats in our care including our special needs cats. Many of the cats we’re seeing now have chronic or acute health needs that require ongoing specialized care. Some do better in groups isolated from others. For example, we’ll have designated housing for cats with FIV and Feline Leukemia, as well as rescued cats and kittens recovering from ringworm. We’ll even have an “In-Continental Suite” for cats with incontinence and neurological issues. And we’ll have a nursery wing for nursing moms and orphaned bottle babies.

Because we know our cats love being outside as much as we do, all of our cats who are medically able will be allowed outside on their personalized “Catio.” These enclosed Catios will allow our feline friends to enjoy the outdoors, while staying safe and

Of course, all the cats and kittens in our care will greatly benefit from enrichment and socialization from visitors and volunteers. Cats Village will also include a Cat Cafe where guests can enjoy local-sourced foods and beverages while hanging out with our cats. There will be a reading room for the coffee and tea crowd to read to cats, and a protected outdoor dining space for folks who just enjoy casual company with cats.

We are now raising funds and building partnerships to complete the Sanctuary construction. You can donate now to become a Founding Donor to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary and help build this amazing resource of healing and humane education.

Or if you would like information about memorial donations and special naming opportunities to support construction of The Cats Village at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, please email