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mama-pig-and-pigletsIn 2007, Brother Wolf started out rescuing orphaned dogs, but soon expanded to include cats, rabbits and other small animals who needed our help. Last year alone Brother Wolf impacted over 6,000 animals’ lives!

Over the years, our work has also introduced us to farmed animals like pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep and goats. We have come to see that all these animals are no less sentient than the dogs and cats we share our homes with – and no less deserving of our compassion and concern. And we know, by our community’s positive response to past farm animal rescues, that we have participated in, that many feel the same.

The addition of rescued farmed animals at our sanctuary will provide visitors an opportunity to get to know these animals as we have. Their intelligence and humor, playfulness and gentleness, love and friendship can be transformational.

cows-sanctuaryIt is our hope that visitors will have a chance to meet and interact with these animals in the unique setting of our Sanctuary, and be inspired to consider our core ethic of Uncompromised Compassion for all animals.

We are now raising funds and building partnerships to complete the Sanctuary construction. You can donate now to become a Founding Donor to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary and help build this amazing resource of healing and humane education.

Or if you would like information about memorial donations and special naming opportunities to support Farmed Animal Rescue at our new Sanctuary, please email