Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

Introducing Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

At Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, our vision is for a world that embraces our core ethic of Uncompromised Compassion. Our mission, the work we do every day toward that vision, is to provide the resources and life-saving programs to help build No Kill Communities.

When we first began our work ten years ago, the municipal shelter in our community was killing approximately 70% of the dogs and cats who entered there. Now, a decade later, the municipal shelter consistently achieves a +90% Save Rate for orphaned cats and dogs.

The animal rescuers and rescue groups in our community- and the caring citizens who have opened their hearts and homes to orphaned animals, have all contributed to this success. For our part, Brother Wolf pioneered four key lifesaving programs: a robust Foster Network of over 800 volunteers; a county-wide Community Cats program; and our NeighborCorps program- a grassroots network of volunteers who work with families in need to help keep pets healthy, happy and in their homes and out of the shelter system in the first place. And in 2009 we opened our Adoption Center in an effort to do high volume adoptions.

We’ve made good progress over the last ten years- and to be sure, it has taken all of us working together in our community to achieve this success. Further, we’ve taken our groundbreaking programs to other communities in the southeast, to help them build progress toward No Kill as well. And in all the communities we serve, the most urgent need is a resource for longer-term medical and behavioral rehabilitation.

Early on in our work, most of the animals we saved could be adopted out in just days or weeks. Now we are treating the most challenging animals in the system- those who have been so abused or neglected, they require six weeks to six months or more of healing and rehabilitation.

For these most special-needs animals, the busy, noisy environment of our Adoption Center is not conducive for their recovery. They need space and time to heal at their own pace. That’s where the new Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary comes in.

The new Sanctuary will provide critical care for those dogs and cats so abused and neglected that they require longer term, more specialized rehabilitation. In addition, the Sanctuary will be an educational resource for area youth to learn about our responsibilities to animals, nature, and society. Indeed, we intend for the Sanctuary to be a haven and destination for people from all walks of life to connect with nature and our work for the animals, and hopefully be inspired to do something amazing in their own lives.

The Sanctuary facilities will include a Dogs Village and Dog Park, a Cats Village and Cat Cafe, spaces for Rescued Farm Animals, a state-of-the-art Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic, a Learning Center for youth programs and humane education, and Guest Cabins for visiting volunteers.

The Sanctuary will be located on a majestic, 82.5 acre property in Leicester, NC, just 30 minutes from downtown Asheville. The acreage is a beautiful mix of rolling pasture and mountainside forest, with three natural springs on site.

A generous, anonymous donor has helped us secure purchase of the property. We are now raising funds and building partnerships to complete the Sanctuary construction. You can donate now to become a Founding Donor to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary and help build this amazing resource of healing, humane education and transformation.

If you would like information about memorial donations and special naming opportunities to support the new Sanctuary, please email Questions about the transition? Click here for our FAQs.