Spay/Neuter Assistance

Why Spay/Neuter is Good For Your Pet

spayneuterpet• Spaying and neutering are safe, simple surgeries that prevent animals from reproducing.

• One intact male can impregnate dozens of females. So it’s just as important to neuter males as it is to spay females.

• It reduces or eliminates the risk of certain types of cancer that can kill your pet or be expensive to treat.

• It may eliminate unwanted behaviors like fighting, spraying, and roaming.

• Spay today! Kittens and puppies can go into heat at less than 5 months old!

Fix Your Pet

In Buncombe County:
– Funds are available for individuals who care for community (feral/free-roaming) cats. Contact our Community Cat Care Coordinator Nancy at 828-505-6737 or email

– Free vouchers are available for individuals who receive public assistance to have their pet cats spayed or neutered. Contact the Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic at this link.

WNC, Outside of Buncombe County:

– Madison County, NC: Friends of Madison County
– Henderson County, NC: Community Partnership for Pets
– Other areas in North Carolina: Click Here

Outside of WNC:  Click Here to Search in your Area.

Questions? Contact Brother Wolf Animal Rescue at, stop by the Adoption Center, or call 828-505-3440.