Rapid Response: Georgia ‘Dog Dump’ Rescue


Dear Friend,

I wish all the animals were as lucky as my dogs and cats, warm and snug, all cuddled up on the couch. But the sad reality is too many dogs and cats aren’t lucky enough to have a warm, loving home.

Too many will have struggled to survive the last two nights of sub-freezing temperatures; it breaks my heart to think of those who didn’t make it. And for those who did survive, how much they suffered through the numbing, bitter cold…

Here is one such survivor- meet Logan.We just rescued him over the weekend from a horrible situation in Augusta, Georgia. He’s safe now, recovering in our care, but there are another 25+dogs there, in just as bad of shape or worse.

I first heard about Logan and the other dogs last week when a rescuer named Teresa reached out to me. She explained the abandoned dogs had been living together in the woods behind a strip mall in Augusta. That all the dogs are in pitiful shape, riddled with severe mange, some with old injuries including broken bones, sleeping in piles of garbage, and scavenging for food.

The dogs are all shy and fearful- very difficult to catch. Teresa’s rescue group had teamed up with another local rescue to try and trap the dogs. They’d been at it daily for two long weeks and not having much luck with the trapping efforts. With the bitter cold coming, they reached out to us for help.

Eric, our Field Operations Manager, and Brian, one of our most experienced dog caregivers, drove down to assess the situation on Friday. Soon as he saw the scene, Eric called in, “Teresa was right, these dogs are in horrible shape, we’ve got to help these guys out.”

Eric formed a plan with the local groups for Brother Wolf to manage the trapping efforts ongoing. And since the two local rescue groups have limited resources to care for all the dogs, we agreed to bring them back to Asheville for medical care and recovery.

If the rest are like Logan, the medical rehabilitation will be a long process for sure. Logan’s skin is so badly infected that his poor little feet were bleeding every time he took a step. Our medical staff said he was falling asleep standing up, as they tried to examine him. Poor guy- he’s exhausted from months, if not years, fending for himself out in the woods.

Audrey, our Adoption Center manager, says that while Logan is scared and shut down right now, I can see a magnificent dog in there- when you look into the depths of his eyes.

We will keep you posted on Logan’s recovery. And we’ll keep you posted on the trapping efforts as well. If you are interested in fostering one of these dogs during their long term recovery, please email If you can’t foster and want to help with the costs associated with trapping, rescuing, transporting, and rehabilitating these dogsplease donate today.

As always, thank you for supporting our rescue efforts for the animals,

Denise Bitz,
Founder and President, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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