Our Search & Rescue Team in Texas


Dear Friend, wanted to pass along this update from Eric Phelps, who is leading our Search & Rescue team down in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey:

“It’s Day 7 of flooding here and stranded animals are now in critical stages of distress.

We just rescued this poor dog trying to swim from his home, probably to find food, only to circle back from exhaustion.

He’s really weak but very fearful- we managed to convince him we’re here to help. Sweet, grateful boy… one of the lucky ones.

More updates overnight. We’re headed over to County Emergency Animal Shelter to assess needs there.”

While Eric leads our Search & Rescue team in Texas, our Adoption Center Manager Audrey is working around the clock back home in Asheville to organize transports from affected areas. Earlier this week, Audrey’s team transported 53 dogs and cats to No Kill shelters up north.

And we have another 90 animals coming in the next few days for transfer up north, then a few more in the works for later next week.

eric-boatWe’re working around the clock, doing all we can to help with recovery down there. Your financial support is vital now and deeply appreciated.

If you’re able to make a donation to our Rapid Response Fund, please donate today using the form below to support this lifesaving work. Thank you.

For the animals,

Denise Bitz, Founder and President
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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