Our Future: the Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary!

Dear friend,

Over the past few days, we’ve reflected on all Brother Wolf has accomplished since we first began 10 years ago. With your support, we have rescued tens of thousands of animals, provided life-saving behavioral and medical aid, built the necessary programs and resources to maintain our No-Kill community, and helped start up additional No-Kill communities throughout the southeast.

As this year comes to a close, we’re so excited to look to the future of Brother Wolf! 2018 will be a monumental year for the animals in our care, as the hard work we have put into planning our Sanctuary comes to fruition! In the coming year, the sanctuary buildings will start to pop up, and we will welcome the public to take part in what we have all created together.

We’ve put careful thought into each component of the Sanctuary to make sure we’re building the best environment for our animals, staff, volunteers and visitors. Here’s a quick look at what we’re most excited about:

  •  The Dogs Village has been designed to minimize noise and other stress triggers while maximizing enrichment. Our Sanctuary will also include a Dog Park for play and behavior training, and hiking trails to get dogs out into the woods with volunteers and potential adopters.
  • The Cats Village will allow medically-cleared cats to roam free in their buildings, with access to “catios” where they can bask in fresh air and sunshine while they are awaiting adoption.
  • In the Sanctuary’s Medical Center, we’ll be able to perform most surgeries and routine care in-house, which we predict will cut our veterinary bills in half! Having our own veterinary facility on-site will also ensure more expedient care for our animals, which means animals can move more quickly into their forever homes.
  • The Learning Center will be an educational hub for our staff, volunteers, and visitors. It will also be the headquarters for our Humane Education program, which teaches empathy and compassion to caregivers of the future.
  • The Compassion Farm will give visitors a chance to meet our rescued farmed animals and learn about their intelligence, humor and rich emotional lives, and discover first-hand why these animals are just as deserving of our care and compassion as dogs and cats.
  • Guest cabins will provide housing for folks visiting from out of town. Individuals, families, and groups celebrating special occasions or choosing to spend their time together volunteering will all be welcome. The Guest Cabins are a smart investment that will create supplemental revenues for our animal care operations as well as encourage further volunteer support.

In 2018, these components will come together to become a sanctuary of healing and learning for all — in fact, the Medical Center is currently in production! We’re so excited to bring this incredible resource to animals and people — in our community and beyond. Click here to learn more about Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary!

Thanks to a group of generous supporters, year-end donations will be matched up to $20,000! Please consider making a tax deductible donation today to help us build a more compassionate future for the animals who need us most.

We wish you and your loved ones a joyous new year and look forward to seeing all we will accomplish together for the animals in 2018!

Denise Bitz, President and Founder
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

P.S. Time is running out on our matching fund challenge! Please make your year-end contribution todaywe’re already at 55% of our goal! Thank You!


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