No Kill Community Development Initiative


After hours "drop boxes" still used by shelters in some rural areas.

After hours “drop boxes” still used by shelters in some rural areas.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue receives requests daily for help from communities throughout the South. The requests usually come in urgent form: please take our animals and save them from euthanasia — their time is up! which we have done time and time again over the years. We recognize that taking animals from these shelters is a great thing to do (for those specific animals), but we know it’s just a temporary band aid on a much bigger, systemic problem.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s No Kill Community Development Initiative is a unique program targeted at helping our southern neighbors build sustainable no kill communities. We partner with chapter counties, currently McDowell, NC; Henderson, NC; Rutherford, NC and Dickenson, VA.

Virginia-born Terry Fields left a successful career in medicine
to spearhead the No Kill Community Development Initiative.
Read why, in Reflections on My Hometown

Each community receives a customized approach based on its particular needs. We give them the tools to build funds to support their lifesaving work and to create programs to keep pets in their homes and find homes for those in need. Once they have a solid footing, they become their own independent programs.

rural-man-with-dogBest of all- as part of the No Kill Community Development Initiative, our chapter communities promise to pay it forward to other communities in need, until all animals are able to have a safe place to live.

Three Reasons Why the Rural South is Behind in No Kill.

  • Large, old, established animal welfare organizations are located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with few regular resources for communities in the south.
  • Movement of industry to cities and agriculture to the Midwest and factory farms.
  • More weather disasters than anywhere else in the U.S.

But we know that every community has compassionate, dedicated volunteers ready to do whatever it takes to save lives. With your help, the South can become a model for No Kill and we’ll take a huge bite out of the number of animals dying in shelters each year. If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere. And we can!

senior-old-woman-with-catDo you work wit a shelter or rescue interested in becoming a partner with us to help build a No Kill community in your town?

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Brother Wolf is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina, helping develop No Kill communities across our state and region. We are recognized nationally as a Model Community Organization because of our values-based approach to effective community engagement and our proven track record of results-based achievement.