Kitten With Hydrocephalus Gets Chance At Life

cc-article-feature-megamindMegamind and his sister Roxanne came to Brother Wolf from our Community Cat Program when they were only 4 weeks old. While both of the kittens were alarmingly sick and emaciated, there was something particularly unusual about Megamind: his head was much too big for his tiny body. It turns out that Megamind had hydrocephalus, a condition that had increased the cerebrospinal fluid within his brain.

Their foster mom, Kathlene, is a longtime Brother Wolf volunteer who felt an emotional pull to the kittens immediately. “I was at Brother Wolf for a volunteer shift,” Kathlene remembers, “and there was a conversation happening between the medical team and the front desk about how they needed to find a foster home because they were very sick. So I went to look at them and…well, I didn’t even call my husband first. I just took them home.”

When Kathlene took them home, each of the kittens weighed less than a pound and both had eye infections. Because of Megamind’s tiny body and large head, he also had a hard time staying balanced and didn’t get around very well on his own. In the beginning, we didn’t know if Megamind would make it. In fact, a veterinarian recommended that he be euthanized because of his condition. It was touch and go, but we believed Megamind deserved a chance to live as long as he wasn’t suffering.

For several weeks, Kathlene woke up every two to three hours to feed them and administer eye drops. Slowly but surely, she watched their health gradually improve and their tiny bodies get stronger.

Megamind and Roxanne are 8 months old now and are healthy, happy kitties because of the devotion and care of Kathlene and Brother Wolf staff. Roxanne has fully recovered from her eye infection and gets around just fine with a bit of superficial corneal scarring. Megamind will always feel a little off balance, but he overcomes the challenge by choosing to not climb or jump. He has made so much progress that Kathlene says “If you didn’t know that he was born as a hydrocephalus kitty, you’d never be able to tell!”


Megamind and Roxanne enjoying some TV

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