Mama Twilight

Yesterday morning, I overheard one of our amazing Front Desk staff, Heather, say that she was tired. When I asked why, she told me that she had been bottle feeding 3 of Mama Twilight’s babies.

16427437_10210594117200724_8926443625970554886_n Unaware that Mama Twilight was pregnant, her previous owner was shocked when she not only birthed five kittens but also ended up with a prolapsed uterus, a life threatening injury. After the owner rushed Mama Twilight to a local emergency veterinary hospital, she was devastated to learn that she could not afford the surgery that would save her life. She brought Mama Twilight into Brother Wolf knowing that we were her last hope at survival. We were able to provide the life saving surgery Mama Twilight needed, and because she is too weak to care for them herself, our staff took on the role of caring for her kittens.

Heather was exhausted because bottle feeding kittens is a round the clock job. They need to be fed every two hours when they are this young. Heather had not been getting much sleep, because she’d been caring for these kittens for a few days and of course, working her Front Desk shifts too.

“But it’s all good!” Heather said to me. “Jessi is taking them tomorrow night so I can get sleep.” Jessi works on our cat care team, and like Heather, she is more than willing to give up her free time to care for these newborns.

This morning, when I came into our offices, I saw Andee working in the flex space with a little pink animal stroller next to her.

“Did you bring your cat to work?” I asked.

“Nope. I’m babysitting!”

And sure enough, Andee was caring for Mama Twilight’s kittens for a few hours so that Heather could go to an appointment.

At Brother Wolf our amazing staff always go above and beyond to take care of animals in need. It’s one of the things that make Brother Wolf so special – the amazing amount of love and care that goes into saving every life.

But, none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for you, our donors. Mama Twilight’s lifesaving surgery cost over 1500 dollars. Along with that will come the costs associated with raising her kittens, getting them fixed, and preparing them for adoption.

When you donate to us, you are directly impacting our lifesaving work, and every dollar you spend goes directly into caring for the animals we ourselves are so dedicated to saving. You are right there with Heather, Andee, and Jessi, saving them.

Right now, Mama Twilight and her babies need your help. Could you help support our work by donating to her care?

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