UPDATE: Brother Wolf in Louisiana Flood Zone (Video)

Dear friend,

I’m calling in with an update from the field:

As you know, our Rapid Response team is in south Louisiana doing Search and Rescue for animals displaced by record flooding here. It’s been a very sad few days, but we’ve had some victories, too.

Please donate now.

Yesterday, rescue teams brought in over 80 animals stranded or lost to the floods. Many were in desperate need of medical care, food and fresh water. Some were reunited with families who’d been looking for them since the floods came last weekend. Seeing the tearful reunions of folks reunited with their animals, after losing everything they owned- there are just no words to explain it.

We saw a lot of loss of life too. I won’t go into here- we’re focusing on the lives we can save, and that’s why I’m calling in this update. We urgently need to ramp up our SAR team and resources. We need to lease two more transport vans, fully equipped with carriers, medical supplies and fuel- and we need to expand our Rescue Center Kennels as well. Please- whatever you can give, donate now to our rapid response fund. Your money will go directly to saving lives in urgent need.

For the animals,

Denise Bitz
Founder and President
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

PS. The video above was made by Leah Craig and Brooke in between boat rescues today. Could you please share it with friends who might be interested in helping support this urgent work to save lives down here? Thanks.

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