A day in my life as community cat manager

As Brother Wolf’s Field Operations Manager, I spend my days helping animals and people in our community and beyond. You may know me from the disaster relief work I do through our Rapid Response program. The work I do at home often flies under the radar but that doesn’t make it any less important. On a typical day, I may be dropping animals off for spay/neuter appointments, humanely trapping a sick or injured community cat, or building a fence for someone who may otherwise be forced to surrender their dog. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of down time!

My job is also full of surprises. For instance, a couple months ago I received a call about a kitten who had been spotted at a construction site beside a busy highway on-ramp. The area is surrounded by high speed traffic and busy intersections; it’s no place for an animal. I do my best to prioritize calls like this, and knew I was racing against time to save a life.

I set up a humane trap the next morning and by evening had caught an adult cat who matched the description I had been given. Cats are often mistaken for kittens from a distance, so I figured I had the right one. The next day while the clinic was preparing her to be spayed, however, I got a call that made my heart sink: the cat was heavily lactating and we had accidentally left kittens behind.

I dropped everything and immediately went back to the construction site. I didn’t know whether the kittens were newly born or old enough to be mobile, and there were nearly endless places for them to hide. After over an hour of searching, I finally caught a flash of quick movement under a pile of debris and knew it had to be one. Over the next few hours, with lots of patience and wet food, I was able to lure four kittens to safety.

After living on the streets with no positive human interactions for the first two months of their lives, they were a bit ‘spicy’,but I knew we could find them great families if we could first place them into a foster home to become more socialized. After just a couple weeks of love (and treats!) from their foster mom, they were finally ready to find homes. The first of the litter, Cascabel, was adopted over the weekend! Happy outcomes like this are what drive us to do this work.

These kittens are just a few examples of the hundreds of cats and kittens helped each year by our Community Cats program. Thank you for supporting our No-Kill mission. We wouldn’t be able to do this work, and save lives like this, without your support.

Happy Holidays,

Eric Phelps
Field Operations Manager

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