Your donation here will help Friends for Life animals

Donations to Friends for Life are now being accepted by Brother Wolf as part of the organizations merger. Thank you for continuing to help support these and all special animals in need.

Following the merger between Friends for Life Sanctuary and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, “Our top priority right now is to intake the animals currently living at the Friends for Life sanctuary property in Lake Toxaway so that we can get them the medical care they need, and either get them into foster care or adopted into loving homes” says Brother Wolf’s Director of Animal Care, Audrey Lodato.

At the sweet ol’ age of 13, Venus – at right – Venus was adopted within ONE WEEK of coming into our care, and into the most amazing home!

Now, with nothing to ever worry about again, Venus gets to live her life in a quiet home, with lots of other friendly dogs and over 2 acres to romp around in. Her new human family has a soft spot for seniors, and promises to give Venus the best home, focusing on whatever she needs to be happy and comfortable for the rest of her days.

Many of these animals have complex medical issues that will require a lot of veterinary care up front. There will be a tremendous cost associated with getting these animals the care they need.

If you would like to donate to the care of the animals affected by this merger, please use the form below, give using PayPal, or mail a check to: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, PO Box 8195, Asheville, NC 28814.

Meet Rosemary , a sweet but shy 8-year old kitty. She attended an adoption event at Petco where a little girl and her mom had come to adopt a kitten. Tragically, she had recently lost her father and was feeling very sad. The kittens were rambunctious and overwhelmed the young girl…but when she saw Rosemary there was an instant connection!

We all know how much comfort animals can provide to us when we need it the most, and Rosemary seemed to immediately gravitate to the grieving child. We believe that Rosemary’s purpose is to help this family heal and provide all the love they need during this difficult time. And in return, they have given her the greatest gift an orphaned animal could want — a forever home.

If you are interested in fostering one of the Friends for Life animals, please visit to get started.

A Note from Friends For Life Board President Don Gash:

“The merger between Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Friends For Life has truly been a blessing. The animals who have transferred from our facility to theirs are receiving an extremely high level of care and compassion, and are finding loving homes and fosters. We could not have hoped for a more positive outcome. Brother Wolf stepped in to help is in our time of need and all of the board of Friends For Life hopes you continue supporting the most special needs animals in our area by redirecting your financial support to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue this holiday season and throughout 2019.”