Courtesy Posting

Life happens, and sometimes it becomes a challenge to keep your pet in your family. We have resources to help! But if finding a new home and family for your pet is the best option, we can help with that too.

Why are you considering surrendering your pet? Get help from our experts on the following common reasons pet owners seek re-homing.

Pet rehoming options:


Buncombe Country residents seeking to surrender their pets are requested to contact us as soon as possible to allow us time to work the animal in, if we can. Email to contact our intake coordinator.


Get Your Pet LogoYou don’t have to surrender your pet! Get Your Pet is an online community that directly connects people
who need to give up a pet with people who want to adopt. Pet adoption made easy! This website is devoting to making the transition easier for pets moving from one family to another without having to enter the shelter system. Visit to find your pet a new home.


Courtesy Posting on our website (and all adoption sites linked to it) is available for animals who are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. This service is helpful for caretakers who want to have a voice in the process of screening applicants and who are willing to keep their pet in the home until a new home is found. Courtesy posts will remain visible on our website for up to 60 days.

The owner will screen and adopt the animal out on their own, and it is up to the caretakers if they want to charge a rehoming fee. To have your pet listed, please complete the form below.

Courtesy Posting Form

  • Please provide at least 5 sentences. Good things to include here are how are they with dogs/cats/kids? What is their behavior like? What are some of their favorite things? What are some of their challenges?
  • You can scan in copies from your vet, or take photos of the records and attach those. If you'd like to send these documents later, please email to

Some of the things we at BWAR look into when we are screening an adoption for an animal:
Is it a good fit for the existing family members (people and animals) in the home?
Do they rent or own? Is their landlord okay with them adding a pet?
Where will the animal be kept when they are not home? Where will the animal sleep?
Are their current pets well cared for/up to date with vaccines and exams?

Tips for meeting:
Once you feel comfortable with someone you should set up a meeting with them. If they have other animals it may be good to meet at a mutual place with just the person the first time, and then consider taking the animal you are rehoming to the adopters house to meet the other pets in the home. Some people feel more comfortable always going to the adopters house to see where their animal is going, while some people do not feel it is necessary. We do not typically do home-checks at our organization unless we feel there is an outstanding need to.

Make sure if your pet is microchipped that you get all the information from the new owner and YOU need to call the microchip company to release the animal out of your name and give them the new owners information.