community service program

Court Ordered Community Service

If you have been assigned to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue for any type of court ordered community service, the Diversion Program, or would like to do your community service with us, we would be glad to help. Please read the following rules carefully, and contact with any questions.

Court Ordered Community Service Policy

  • Each Community Service Worker must sign in at least once a week for at least 2 hours. This is mandatory to stay in our program.
  • You are allowed to work as many days over the required once a week as you’d like, and as many hours over the required two hours.
  • All new service workers are required to provide a valid ID so that a copy can be kept in their file.
  • The penalty is stiff for attempting to defraud the court system by trying to alter your hours in any way or attempting to leave the property after signing in. You will be charged with tampering with a court document and you will be prosecuted. All hours done up to that point will not count.

The safety and well-being of our volunteers and employees are priority in the choosing of whether offenders are a good fit for our Community Service Program. With that in mind, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue has implemented the following guidelines:

  1. The individual cannot have been convicted of an offense of a violent and/or sexual nature.
  2. When the community service worker arrives and signs into his/her time sheet they must leave a valid ID at the front desk. When your work is completed you are responsible to pick up the ID.
  3. Phone use is not permitted except during scheduled breaks. Workers must turn in their cell phones to the front desk unless otherwise authorized.
  4. Everyone must have their start time and end time initialed by staff behind the desk. If you fail to do so that day will not count. After signing in at the front desk the community service worker must then ask for a badge and a lanyard. This must be worn at all times while working.
  5. Community service workers are not permitted to have visitors or family members on property at any time except for drop-off and pick-up.
  6. Community service workers are allowed one 15 minute break for every 3 hours worked and one 30 minute lunch break if working 8 hours in one day.
  7. Request for documentation of completed community service hours must be made at least one week in advance to the required due date. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide the Brother Wolf staff member with the necessary forms or documentation that must be completed.
  8. Fulfilling community service hours with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a privilege and this privilege may be revoked at any time if staff feels the worker is not meeting expectations, if he/she is not productive, or if he/she is disruptive to our volunteers or staff in any way that prohibits us from accomplishing our daily activities. A letter of dismissal will be sent to the probation officer or community service supervisor.
  9. There is no parking in front of the building at any time. All workers must park to right side of the shelter.
  10. If for any reason you are not able to complete your required two hours you must contact Will Hickerson at and let him know why. If you miss a week of community service work you are required to make up those hours the following week.
  11. You are not permitted to interact with any of the animals at any time during the hours you are logged in to work.

You will receive a copy of these rules after your paperwork is complete.