community service program


We have temporarily suspended our community service program. Please check back for updates.

Court Ordered Community Service

If you have been assigned to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue for any type of court ordered community service, the Diversion Program, or would like to do your community service with us, we would be glad to accommodate you. Please read the following rules carefully, and contact with any questions.

Court Ordered Community Service Policy

  • Each Community Service Worker must fill out the Community Service Hours Request form to be considered for community service at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.
  • The Community Service Worker must sign up for shifts to complete their required hours. We cannot accommodate Community Service Workers that are not scheduled for a community service shift. The Worker must be able to complete at least one shift every week until the community service hours are completed.
  • All new Community Service Workers are required to provide a valid ID so a copy can be kept in their file.

The penalty is stiff for attempting to defraud the court system by trying to alter earned hours in any way or attempting to leave the property after signing in. Any Community Service Worker that attempts to alter their hours will be charged with tampering with a court document and prosecuted. All earned hours will not count.