BWAR Helps Dog With Parvo Receive Urgent Care

By Karen Parker, Rutherford County Chapter Manager

It takes more than a good adoption program to build a No-Kill community. That’s why Brother Wolf also works equally as hard to keep pets at home with their loving families whenever possible to lessen the strain on county shelters who may resort to euthanizing for space.

Bear, a shepherd mix, is a therapy dog for a young woman in our Rutherford community. In a chaotic world, he helps her find calmness where she would otherwise face anxiety and depression. With the love and support of Bear, her world has changed dramatically for the better. He is more than just a therapy dog — he is a beloved member of her family.

Understandably, the girl and her mother, Jennifer, were distraught when he became ill. A vet visit determined that Bear had parvovirus, a highly contagious and often life-threatening virus that can cause vomiting, bloody diarrhea, fever, lethargy, and rapid weight loss.  

Around the same time, Jennifer became injured at work and had to take a leave of absence. While trying to take care of herself, she also worried about Bear.

With the sudden loss of her income, getting treatment for him seemed hopeless.

Jennifer reached out to Rutherford’s chapter of Brother Wolf, seeking support for the care of Bear, who required three prescription medications to heal. Working together with PAWS, another rescue organization in our county who help residents with veterinary bills, we were able to make sure Bear received the care he needed.

We also kept in contact with Jennifer through Bear’s recovery, and felt so much joy and relief, along with his family, when he slowly began to regain his health. Now that Bear is back to his old self, we have made an appointment for him to get neutered and up to date on vaccines.

With the help of a family who fought to save him and a community who stepped up to support his healing, Bear was able to receive the lifesaving care he needed and stay at home where he belongs.

There are many more animals like Bear in our community who need our help. Please consider making a donation to support the work we’re doing every day to make Rutherford the No-Kill community the animals deserve.


The Rutherford County chapter of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue helps build the resources and programs necessary to create a No-Kill Rutherford County. We collaborate with the county shelter and our community to identify animals most at risk and work to save their lives through our adoption, foster, volunteer, outreach, and pet retention programs.

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