Brownie’s New Wheels!

Our NeighborCorps program is an essential part of sustaining the No-Kill community we have worked so hard to build over the past 11 years. Through this pet retention program, we work with community members to provide the support necessary to help keep pets happy, healthy, and safe in their loving homes, and from ever entering the shelter system in the first place.

We all love our companion animals. They are part of our family. And sometimes being the best guardians we can be means reaching out for help if we’re not able to provide the care they need. For many of us, asking for help is difficult. But it’s important to put our pride aside and reach out if it means helping our four-legged family members stay as happy and healthy as they can be.

Earlier this month, two caring humans reached out to seek help for their senior beagle, Brownie. Jeff and Pam have been rescuing animals for as long as they can remember. Whenever an animal was in need, they opened their home to them, regardless of age or medical condition. Brownie was one of those rescues.

One night, a disc in Brownie’s spine suddenly and severely burst, leaving his back legs paralyzed.

An intense medical plan and physical therapy had helped Brownie regain some of his mobility. He could stand and walk, but didn’t have the strength to keep his balance to do either for long.

When it became clear that Brownie would need a wheelchair, Jeff and Pam reached out to us for help. After the unforeseen expenses of Brownie’s medical care and physical therapy, they couldn’t afford a wheelchair — but they knew he needed one in order to be happy and live his best life.

We knew our incredible supporters would want to help, so we shared Brownie’s story on Facebook — and before we knew it, the funds had been raised to buy a wheelchair for Brownie!

But then something amazing happened. Another generous person stepped up with a wheelchair to donate! With a wheelchair on its way, the folks who had donated money agreed to allow us to use the funds to help a future NeighborCorps family. 

Within minutes of being in his new wheelchair, Brownie was zooming up and down the lobby of our Adoption Center. Pam said it was the most stable and mobile he’s been since his disc ruptured, and that “he is going to be flying past all his beagle packmates and cats in no time!”

Because of your support, Brownie will be able to live out the remainder of his life doing what beagles do best — zooming around the yard. And as long as Brownie’s quality of life continues to improve with his new wheels, we have no doubt that he will be as happy as one can be, with a family that loves him.

Thank you for always being there for the animals, and for being a part of our work to keep animals with the humans who love them. If you haven’t already, please consider signing up to be a recurring monthly donor. For as little as $10 per month, you can help us stay best prepared year-round to give animals like Brownie the care they need.

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