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Cruelty case survivor thrives!

As the Director of Animal Care, I oversee the staff and daily operations of our Adoption Center on Glendale Avenue and our chapter locations through our No-Kill Community Development Initiative. The work we’re doing, both locally and afar, is nothing short of extraordinary. No matter the time of day, our Adoption Center is always bustling […]

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Muzzles Keep Everyone Safe

Envision being on a walk, and seeing a dog wearing a muzzle walking nearby.  The initial impression is still often one of concern or worry – a “scary dog!” reaction that can happens instinctually based on historical connotation of muzzle use.  The truth and reality is that muzzles keep everyone safe, and demonstrate someone who […]

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Mama Twilight

Yesterday morning, I overheard one of our amazing Front Desk staff, Heather, say that she was tired. When I asked why, she told me that she had been bottle feeding 3 of Mama Twilight’s babies. Unaware that Mama Twilight was pregnant, her previous owner was shocked when she not only birthed five kittens but also […]

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Haywood Hoarding: The Aftermath

As the Adoption Center Manager at Brother Wolf, one of my responsibilities is to be aware of what’s happening in the rest of the animal welfare world – and especially in our own backyard. Like most people, I check in with social media at home in the evenings.  I always make it a point to […]

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