BWAR Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our its employees, visitors and and volunteers. We are committed to providing a environment free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. In addition to complying with federal and state nondiscrimination laws, the goal of this policy is to (a) protect employees, visitors and volunteers from discrimination and harassment, including employees and volunteers not covered by existing law, and (b) create a culture where every individual is treated with respect.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue maintains a zero tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment in the workplace by investigating any complaint made by or about an employee or volunteer. Any employee or volunteer found to have harassed or discriminated against another person will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment and dismissal from volunteering with our organization. All allegations of discrimination or harassment will be taken seriously, promptly investigated, and there will be no retaliation for making such allegations. Limited disclosure may be required in order to conduct an investigation, or in the case of imminent danger to the employee or volunteer.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue recognizes that harassment can occur between any two or more people, regardless of their sex or gender identity and whether or not they are in a position of power. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue understands the need to support employees in making complaints and supervisors in modeling appropriate behavior.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue recognizes that sexual harassment can occur between people of the same sex or gender, including those who don’t identify with a specific gender. No policy can prescribe what should be done on every occasion because circumstances vary.

Any employee or volunteer who becomes aware of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, even if they are not directly involved, is expected to report the incident to a Designated Person.

If employees or volunteers need help or advice about a particular situation or circumstance, or need to report harassment, they are encouraged to contact their supervisor or the Human Resources Director. They can be reached at: The entirety of BWAR’s policy and procedure document around discrimination and sexual harassment, including the process for reporting complaints, is available by asking the Executive Assistant for a copy.