A little lion from the floods: Abbas’ story


Dear friend,

This sweet little boy is Abbas. He’s one of the additional 55 cats and dogs we rescued from the flood zones in South Carolina over the weekend. Abbas is about 14 weeks old and barely weighs just two pounds. That’s about a third of what he should weigh.

In the video, you can see what he looked like when we found him, just skin and bones, eyes crusted over and protruding. Poor little guy- he walked right up to us seeking our attention and just collapsed at our feet. We cleaned the crust from his eyes and placed him in a carrier to transport him back to Asheville.

Truth is we really didn’t think he’d survive the trip back.

Abbas means Lion in Arabic. And this little guy has the heart of a lion- he’s such a survivor. Abbas is receiving constant care and observation from our medical team, and just three days later, he’s so strong and fighting for life!

Abbas is such an inspiration to me. Seeing him so full of life now, it’s hard to believe that just a few hours made all the difference for him.

Everyone’s who’s been working the SC Rescue the past few weeks is tired of the long hours, but we’re still fighting too— knowing we’re making such an immediate impact on saving little ones like Abbas- it’s keeping us all going.

In just ten days, we’ve conducted five transports from flood areas in SC and taken in over 150 dog and cat refugees. And as I write, we have another transport underway right now to Orangeburg County Animal Services- one of the areas most in need.

Their Director, Les Porter, texted us earlier today: “We have a backlog of over 198 calls and all our kennels are full. We’ve been No-Kill since last October and my staff and I are devastated we might have to start euthanizing animals to make space…  we’ll take all the help you can spare.”

All the dogs we transport back go to our temporary Rescue Center we constructed at our Sanctuary property. And all the cats go into temporary foster, except for a few medical cases like Abbas. Soon as we get them stabilized and see to any medical needs, we transport them to our partner shelters up north who have more space.

If you haven’t yet been able to volunteer, I’m asking you to please consider giving some time. We especially need volunteer help at our Sanctuary Rescue Center. You can pretty much volunteer any time that works for you through the day, evening or overnight. Just email for more info.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider making a donation to our Rapid Response fund. Our medical costs are through the roof right now with all the SC rescues. But as you can see in this video about Abbas’ amazing journey, all our time and money is paying off in lives saved. Whatever you can give- thank you.

Denise Bitz

President and Founder
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

P.S. For a glimpse of the volunteer experience at the Sanctuary Rescue Center, please click here.

P.P.S. Our sincere gratitude thanks to all these wonderful local businesses who are giving so generously to help with the SC Flood Relief efforts. We are so blessed to live in a community with such caring business leaders as these: Byrd Construction - Tractor Supply - Ace Hardware - Professional Party Rentals - WNC Tents - Economy Tent International - Lowes (Tunnel Road) - Enterprise Rentals - Matthew Bartlett - Vulcan Materials Company - Able Rent A Jon - Sunbelt Rentals - Charlie Harwood - Pet Super Market - PetSmart - PetCo - Vortex Donuts - Home Free Bagels - Neo Burrito (Patton Ave.)

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